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Sales Information & Frequently Asked Questions for Buying Yard Trucks

Q.     How do I contact someone about a yard truck?
A.     Call our sales department at (206) 654-2002 or fill out the contact form on the "Contact
         Information" page of this website and click on the submit button.                 

Q.     If I fill out the contact form and submit, when will I be contacted back?
A.     Once you submit, a sales representative will receive your inquiry and promptly get back to you during 
         our normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Standard Time. 

Q.     Can I set an appointment to view a yard truck? 
A.     Yes, contact our sales department for scheduling an appointment at the desired location. 
Q.     What are the accepted payment methods?
A.     We accept wire transfers or check, subject to bank clearance. 
Q.     Do you accept credit cards?
A.     No, we do not accept credit cards.
Q.     How is sales tax applied?
A.     Sales tax is charged at the sales tax rate of the location of each sale.
Q.     Are there any exceptions to paying sales tax?
A.     The purchaser needs to provide documentation that they are exempt from sales tax
         i.e. a resale certificate
Q.     Is there a return policy?
A.     No.  The yard trucks are sold "As Is/Where Is."
Q.     What about a warranty?
A.     There is no warranty implied. 
Q.     Will YardTruckSales.com ship the yard truck to me?
A.     The buyer is responsible for shipping the truck, unless negotiated otherwise.    
Q.     Is there a title with the unit?
A.     Since it is not road legal, it was not titled. There is a Certificate of Origin available upon request.

Q.     How fast will the unit run?
A.     It is geared for maximum 27 MPH.

Q.     What type operation was the unit used in?
A.     Class A railroad Intermodal Operation.

Q.     Is the unit available to inspect and road test?
A.     Yes. Call (206) 654-2002, and you will be helped.

Q.     Are maintenance records available for this unit?
A.     No. Major component information only as indicated.

Q.     Are P.M. forms available?
A.     Yes. On request they will be e-mailed to you.

Q.     Is the Ottawa Parts Manual available?
A.     Yes. It can be purchased thru your local Ottawa dealer.
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